Sharon Concert Band Recordings

Monday, May 31, 12:00am
Listen to archival concert recordings from Sharon Concert Band.

Roy Scott Big Band Recordings

Monday, May 31, 12:00am
Listen to archival concert recordings from Roy Scott Big Band.


Important Dates:

UPDATE (May 2021):

Rehearsals and Summer Concerts

The following performances are on the schedule:

    • Wednesday, June 30th - Benchmark Senior Living - RSBB
    • Sunday, July 11th in Norwood - RSBB
    • Wednesday, July 14th - Stone Church - RSBB
    • Sunday, July 25th in Hopkinton - RSBB
    • Wednesday, August 25 in Dedham - RSBB
    • Sunday, July 18th in Norwood - SCB

SCB Rehearsals: The Sharon Concert Band will hold a rehearsal at the Sons of Italy hall in Quincy on Thursday, May 20th from 7:00- 9:00 pm. We also have concert band rehearsals scheduled there for June 3rd, June 17th and July 1st. The RSBB will continue to rehearse on opposite weeks.


Rehearsals and Summer Concerts

The RSBB will have a first rehearsal on Thursday, April 15.

Rehearsal Notice

List of Tunes

We have the following summer concert dates:

July 11th - RSBB in Hopkinton

July 14 - RSBB in Dedham at Endicott Estate
July 18th - SCB in Norwood

July 25th - RSBB in Norwood


UPDATE (March 2021):

Rehearsals and Summer Concerts

Work is underway to get the RSBB back to regular rehearsals. We're looking at a probable start date of Thursday, 4/15 from 7:30 - 9:30 in Quincy for those who are able to attend. We're also looking into having a Zoom connection for those who are not able to attend in person.

We have the following summer concert dates:

July 11th - RSBB in Hopkinton

July 14 - RSBB in Dedham at Endicott Estate
July 18th - SCB in Norwood

July 25th - RSBB in Norwood

Of course, this is subject to change due to Covid.


UPDATE (January 2021):

Rehearsals and Summer Concerts

Steve and the board have been discussing rehearsal possibilities for this year, provided it is safe to get together and the current gathering limits increase. We'll look into rehearsal space for RSBB initially. The Sons of Italy in Quincy ( is a possibility for RSBB to rehearse in the future. We are looking into outdoor options for SCB once the weather permits.

We have the following summer concert dates:

July 11th - RSBB in Hopkinton

July 14 - RSBB in Dedham at Endicott Estate
July 18th - SCB in Norwood

July 25th - RSBB in Norwood

Of course, this is subject to change due to Covid.


We are looking forward to (hopefully) being in a better place in terms of the pandemic in the coming months - a place that might allow us to do some performing outdoors this summer.

Here is a list of some of the tunes we're considering with some links so that you can hear them:

2021 Summer List

Amparita Roca, Jamie Texidor
Bandology,  Eric Osterling
 Captain America March, Michael Brown
Chariots of Fire, Michael Brown
D’eir In De, Warren Barker
 Funiculi, Funicula, Alfred Reed   
Lassus Trombone, Henry Fillmore
Liberty Bell March John Philip Sousa
Night On Bald Mountain, Mark Williams
 Oblivion (alto sax solo), Robert Longfield,
On The Mall Edwin F Goldman
Radetsky March, Alfred Reed
 Root Beer Rag Michael Sweeney 
Stars and Stripes Forever John P Sousa
Summertime (trumpet solo)
Syncopated Clock, Leroy Anderson
New selections (pops music)
Secret Agent Man arr. J. Vinson 
James Bond Theme arr V. Lopez
Theme from Peter Gunn arr P. Murtha


Performance Locations Map - A Google Map with some of the places that we play/rehearse.


IMPORTANT - Please notify the appropriate personnel manager if you are unable to participate in a weekly rehearsal or concert performance as soon as possible.

Sharon Concert Band:

— Contact Amy and Kathy @

Roy Scott Big Band:

— Contact Tom via email or 508-667-3347


*Music stands

As noted in the Member Handbook, each member will be issued a Manhasset Voyager Music Stand for use at concerts outside of our home location at the Middle School upon payment of the deposit. You may choose to purchase your own but it must be the Voyager stand for consistency of appearance. "WIRE" stands are NOT acceptable. If you have any questions, please see a board member.  

Inclement Weather

As we enter into the winter, we wanted to remind everyone of our inclement weather policy. If the Sharon Public Schools cancel evening activities, we will not rehearse.* We will send out an email as soon as possible in the event that we cancel rehearsal. We also ask that members use their discretion when it comes to snowy rehearsal nights. We understand that not everyone's situation is the same, and that some members may feel less comfortable driving in the snow, or come from different parts of the state. 

*If we are scheduled to rehearse in another district (e.g. Brockton), we will follow their school schedule.


Member Donations/Dues

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted and will be applied to your 2020/21 Membership dues. 


Hindsight 2020

2020 Hindsight REVIEW - 17 November - THE EARLY RETURNS

16 members have responded, 11 of our longtime members are part of that list!

5 Votes
    At Kitty O’Sheas

4 Votes
    Dakota Rhapsody
3 Votes
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    The Blues Roar
    First Suite in Eb
    Russian Sailors Dance
    The Falls

2 Votes
    Three Rivers
    Hebrides Suite
    Platte River Hoedown
    Midway March
    Danzas Cubanas
    Perthshire Majesty
    America The Beautiful
    Radetsky March

There have been 55 other SINGLE votes - Wow! What a diversity! How about the rest of you?!


Director Steve Bell has compiled a list of setlists from all Sharon Concert Band performances since 2007!

When the time comes, our next concert will be a compilation of favorites from the last 13 years. 

Check out the rules for voting on concert selections based on when you joined the band

Once you've made your selections you can utilize this form.  Have fun!


Quarantine Project from Steve Bell

Hello Sharon Concert Band Members, 

I am hopeful that all of you are well and following the guidelines for sheltering in place. It is discouraging that we cannot gather to make music and enjoy the gift we all share. Speaking of sharing, I have been busy earning my keep and would like to share a few lists of music with you.

First, There is a list of new music with their JW Pepper downloads that I would ask you to listen to and evaluate, as time permits. I am sure many of you will enjoy this opportunity and I most heartily welcome your feedback and opinions for future use.

A few guidelines before you begin. I tend to evaluate music based on the following criteria;

* Is it appropriate for our ensemble

* Is it reasonably challenging and worthy of our effort

* Is it melodically interesting

* Is it rhythmically exciting

* Is it intrinsically beautiful

* Is it inspiring and uplifting

* Does it fit a potential theme based program

So with these concepts in mind perhaps you can identify some TOP selections you would like to attempt in the future from the list I am providing.

If you click on the BLUE Pepper number it should take you directly to the website where you can click on the listen button. I suggest using headphones or playback through a good system.

I will await your feedback and you can email me directly at

There will be another fun “project” coming your way so that you can help to choose our fall “2020 Hindsight Concert”.

Keep practicing….. all the best, Steve


Sharon Bands Zoom Presentation 5/21/20

Here is Steve's presentation from Thursday, May 21, 2020.

For those interested, a recording of our May meeting is available; Password: 6l=%4=k$



Sharon Bands Zoom Presentation 6/18/20

Here is Steve's presentation from Thursday, June 18, 2020.


Music Lists and Rehearsal Aids

Music Lists

Sharon Concert Band Practice List - April 2020 (pdf)

Listening Aids

Just Jazz II

Basie Straight Ahead

Basie arr Nesticao

Classic arrangement-pro version

Blue Rondo A La Turk

Brubeck arr. Berg


Body and Soul

Classic arr Matt Harris

Tenor I feature

The Jazz Police

Gordon Goodwin

Up Tempo, Trumpet Screamer


Great solo opportunities - just listen!!!!!!!!

Oh Soul Mio

Basie arr.Byers

Trombone feature w/ hat

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

arr. K Berg

Trombone Feature

Well You Needn’t

Thelonious Monk arr. Kamuf

Tenors trading 2’s and 4’s

Cold Duck Time

Ed Harris arr Baylock

Boogaloo Harris classic

Guitar Solo

Back ordered (two weeks)


Classic Band and Classic Broadway

Classic Band 

English Folk Song Suite, Ralph Vaughn Williams - 11:11

March: Seventeen Come Sunday - (3:18)

Intermezzo: My Bonny Boy - ( 3:50)

March: Folksongs from Somerset - (3:55)


Third Suite, Jager - 8:40

March - 2:30

Waltz - 3:20

Rondo - 2:40


The Blue and the Gray, Clare Grundman - 9:12

conductor: Vincent Macrina 


Joy from “Awakening,” Joseph Curiale - 3:46





Highlights from GIGI, arr C. Paul Herfurth - 6:00

The Night They Invented Champagne - Thank Heaven For Little Girls - Waltz At Maxim’s - Gigi theme

There is no recording available for this arrangement 



Selections from Chorus Line, arr John Cacavas - 8:10 


Selections from Phantom Of The Opera, arr Warren Barker - 11:30

Think of Me - Angel of Music - The Phantom of the Opera - All I Ask of You - The Point of No Return - The Music of the Night 

Selections from Carousel, Richard Rodgers (arr. Erik Leidzén)

conductor: Vincent Macrina



Not many of you may recall the musical Gigi, and I was unable to find a recording of it on Youtube. So, here are some excerpts and information so that you may enjoy it even more.


Louis Jourdan, Maurice Chevalier, Leslie Caron, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor

Winner of 9 Oscars in 1958


I remember it well….

Charlie Callas Lip-Sync Version

Karaoke Version




Roy Scott Big Band Music Lists

RSBB Play Book - As per September 2019 (pdf)

RSBB Red Book - September 6, 2018 (pdf)

RSBB - New Chart Numbers September 2019


Rehearsal Aids

Scale Warmup (pdf)


Chart Donation Program

If you would like to donate to the band during this challenging time, a perfect way is though the chart donation program. You so you can make your donation via paypal or credit card by clicking on the donate button on our Donation page

**Please let Laura Haiduck know which chart you would like to donate to before you check out on the website.




Taps Across America with the Sharon Bands Trumpet Section

On May 25, 2020 - Memorial Day - Trumpet players from The Sharon Bands participated in "Taps Across America".

360 VR Sharon Concert Band performs "Sedona" at the Festival of Bands at Faneuil Hall on June 8, 2019. Be sure to scroll around to see all 360 degrees!

The Sharon Concert Band Performs "Shine" by Julie Giroux at Faneuil Hall, June 8, 2019 as part of the Festival of Bands. Be sure to scroll around to see all 360 degrees!

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Rehearsal Schedule

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Concerts can be produced by one individual, or multiple members.

Please speak to a Board Member for more details on how you can get more involved.


Member Handbook

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